The individuals behind the initiatives CTO support are named Change Agents and they are the most important individuals in the entire change process. They have already taken a stand to make positive change for children and youth in their community and they know what their community needs. The change agent must have a clear vision, drive, passion, pride and heart. CTO provides a platform with tools and supports change agents initiatives to become sustainable and independent. We want to see more growth among social entrepreneurs for children and youth!

Our Change agents are either a part of CTO’s Incubator or a part of the group that comes for only Training & Advice. Organisations can also function as Mentors & Partners. Initiatives can move from one group to another. In our incubator you only stay for 1-2 years, then you should be able to stand on your own feet! But you are still welcome to attend training and we will always be able to continue to advice you and your organisation. We are also always opened to partner and work together in common goals!



Full time Change Agents who use our facility, office space and tools.

Today, we work with two organisations in our incubator:

Amasoja Youth Initiative (AYI)

IGuguletu Art Academy (IGAA)


Training & Advice

Change Agents who come for advice, attend training and who we visit in their own environment.

Some of the consistent organisations we are supporting, you’ll find in the list below:

Xola Educare

Masibambane Daycare


Mentors & Partners

Worldwide Change Agents, organisations and corporate who we exchange knowledge with and where we work together to reach better opportunities for children and youth.