Below you can find press articles and other media attention for CTO. Clicking the title will open the article or pdf. 

Media in English:


"I want to change and improve things"

Introduction to CTO based on an interview with Sofia by the University of Karlstad. Karlstads Universitet, October 12, 2016

Media in SWEDISH:


Från Ullevi till kåkstäderna - Serneke skänker matchtröjorna

Article based on interview with Martin Renström, responsible for sponsorship at Serneke. Fastighetsnytt, August 28, 2019

Sofia Landade drömjobbet i Kapstaden

Article based on interview with Sofia. NWT(pdf), March 10, 2018

Från kriminell gängledare till hjälparbetare

Interview with Mapanya by the university of Karlstad. Karlstads Universitet, October 18, 2016

Karlstadstudent driver välgörenhetsorganisation

Article based on interview with Sofia., October 18, 2016

"Jag vill förändra och förbättra"

What motivated Sofia to co-found CTO? Karlstads Universitet, October 12, 2016

Bygger Framtid i Sydafrika

CTO's background and mission (pdf). Göteborgs Posten, March 31, 2016

Sofia, 30, vill bygga ny skola - i kåkstad

How CTO came about and getting to know Sofia. Expressen GT, September 25, 2015



Reflexfilm documentary

This visual presentation is made by the Danish production company Reflexfilm. They are following CTO from both South Africa and Sweden, creating a documentary which premieres in 2019.


The Story of Amasoja

This is the trailer of a documentary about the Amasoja Youth Initiative, created by April Dan Feng in cooperation with CTO. The full documentary will be available soon. 


Introduction to Contribution To Opportunities 

This is a beautiful film made by Marike Herselman. It shows what we as CTO stands for and our goals.