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Educational township tour & midday braai (bbq)

A delightful way of making a contribution!

Behind The Scene is a township tour developed to educate and spread awareness. Our aim as a Non Profit Organisation is to show you a different side of the township life in Cape Town. We want to shatter stereotypes of danger and crime by giving you a more holistic understanding of those areas and the lives of the people that inhabit them. Therefore, our concept is called 'Behind the Scene' and the fee you pay for our township tour is a donation towards community development.

The Tour Guide

The tour is led by our local tour-guide Mapanya Sogoni, who is born and raised in Guguletu. After spending 17 years of his life in prison, he chose to dedicate his time into social change and give back to his community, in a way where young individuals can be prevented from walking his previous path as a former gangster. Mapanya will make you feel like a local rather than a tourist and he will definitely give you a better understanding of townships; you can watch his TEDx Talk here

The genuine way to explore

Behind the Scene will give you experience of the true township culture and you will be brought closer to understanding of the complex history of South Africa and the situation of today.


  • Meet up, introduction and visit at CTO’s Headquarter in Guguletu

  • Local Memorials such as Amy Bhiel and Guguletu Seven

  • Delicious lunch at the local Braai (BBQ) place


Anyone can do a guided tour, but not like this – not behind the scene!

Price for the tour is R500 p/p

Enkosi! (Thank you!)